About Us

Our Company

PSN Lifesciences International FZ-LLC is the world’s largest biotech organization established in Laboratory complex, Dubai Science Park. Governed by Dubai Creative Cluster Authority and Government of Dubai, the company caters to the need of both local and international clients in the environmental industry. We are involved in the research and development of innovative agricultural, healthcare, and environmental biotechnology products.

PSN Lifesciences International FZ-LLC is the world’s largest gathering of local and international clients seeking food, air, and other environmental investigations. With our internationally recognized laboratory and consultancy services in Dubai, we meet our customer’s requirement with standard results. We are known internationally for our quality monitoring and testing of chemical, food, environmental, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, and marine monitoring study.

Being assisted by highly qualified consultants and scientists and equipped with high technology instruments like Skalar Segmented Flow Analyzer, Spectrophotometer; Shimadzu HPLC, GCMS, UV-VIS, TOC, PerkinElmer ICP-OES 8000, we guarantee unbeatable results to our clients. We are already certified with the ISO17025 DAC accreditation an ILAC body and follow all the legitimate rules related to analytical tests. Working with us you are soon going to attain the highest standard of a supply chain.

Mandate and Vision

Gearing up for the future, we aim to combine scientific, managerial, financial, and operational skills, which will ultimately yield reliable, cost-effective, and accurate results. We have always focused on improving the quality of life by bringing an element of care and clarity for the primary products that people use in their everyday lives. Our mandate ensures delivery of completely independent and unbiased results.

We endeavor to be one of the most competitive biotech organizations in the industry with thorough emphasis on efficiency of operations and discovery and development of new entities. Our laboratory in Dubai has been setup by keeping in mind the requirement of both domestic and international clients.

Our team of searchers and scientist can process analysis test for nutritional and chemical values, volatile and semi volatile compounds, additives, minerals, preservatives, microbiological contaminants, and trace level analysis of Cosmetics, marine water, drinking water, sewage, health supplements, personal care products and disinfectants.

Bringing science and innovation to life is the sole motto of PSN Lifesciences. To achieve this motto, we practice standard methods of quality assurance that comes with the highest standard of biotech laboratory operation.

Consultancy services on monitoring

PSN Lifesciences offers in-depth consultancy services for assessment of biodiversity related to both coastal and marine life. We will evaluate infrastructure needs to design appropriate laboratory according to UAE laws, which will also add to the value of your company. Comperehensive support is offered to customers from every corner of the world in the development of new business related to health care, aqua culture and other area related to biodiversity.

PSN Lifesciences International

PSN Lifesciences interactions have always concentrated on the evolution and awareness of elements that we use in daily life. With this thoughtful idea, we organize training, workshop, and seminars which relate to research and development of food, water, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics. Every workshop/ seminar is delivered by industry experts making sure you reap the maximum benefit out of it.

Our quality policy

PSN is helping companies worldwide to achieve valuable growth and improve their supply chain with a more efficient R&D process. Our social responsibilities encompass a wide range of activities, which includes both domestic and international solutions. With zeal to offer competent and reliable services, we comply and follow only the best laboratory practices. As our time and cost-effective solutions are delivered by only the most professional customer attendants, clients need not focus on anything other than their products growth.

Our professional team along with a proven methodology is the strength of your organization. PSN follows a strict quality management system, and it is made sure that every person working for us hascompiled under this system. To maintain the efficiency and good practices of the company policy, our employees are sent under regular education and internal training programs. We are always open to changes and welcome better policies and solution from time to time, improving our existing system.

The laboratory

To ensure high quality of research, reproducibility, and accuracy, our lab is equipped with states of the art instruments like Skalar Segmented Flow Analyzer (SFA), Shimadzu HPLC, UV Spectrophotometer, PerkinElmer ICP-OES 8000, GC-MS and TOC Analyzer, Microwave digestion unit besides normal good quality Biotech equipment. Every lab at our place is certified under ISO 17025:2005 from DAC (under Dubai Municipality and internationally recognized by ILAC) and member of Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (ADQCC).

We have also collaborated with some world class laboratory for the analytical test of rare parameters. The laboratory is handled by scientist, technicians, and consultant who possess years of experience in the field, offering you the most accurate test results.