A Better Way to Divorce

Posted by admin on December 11, 2018 in mediation services johnson county ks

Divorce is a stressful event that is emotionally draining and devastating for everyone in the family, especially children. Thousands of couples’ relationships end in divorce, sadly, so minimizing the destruction that a bad divorce leaves is possible. For many, mediation services johnson county ks provide a meaningful divorce option that minimizes the hardships that each person in the relationship, particularly children, endure.

Divorce mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that couples may use when parting ways. Mediations been used for a very long time, generally with successful results at the end of the day. Discussion and debate between the couple and a third person who is neutral to the relationship can resolve many conflicts that would otherwise go before a judge to resolve after a lengthy court process which oftentimes requires kids to go to court to testify.

Mediation services help couples create parenting plans and agreements for visitation, financial support agreements, marital asset division and liability distribution, alimony, and more. If an agreement is made, the couple enters a Memorandum of Understanding, or an MOU, and the mediator completes the case without going in front of the judge and disputing matters.  The mediator creates specific decisions and agreements based upon the facts of your case. There’s never a one-size-fits-all plan.

It is less stressful to create a MOU. It allows a civil resolution to your marriage. You owe it to one another to amicably separate based merely on the fact that you spent time together. And, when there’s kids involved, it’s even more important to think beyond your own wants and desires and focus on the most important person(s) in the relationship; the children. Consider divorce mediation if you’re separating and make life a little less stressful during an already difficult time.

mediation services johnson county ks