What to Do if You’re Charged With DUI

Posted by admin on December 11, 2018 in Criminal Lawyers in Baltimore

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious criminal offense that a person may receive if they’re found to be driving an automobile impaired. Although many people assume that driving impaired refers to simply alcohol consumption, the rule applies to both illegal and legal drugs, including those prescribed by a doctor.  A  DUI conviction may land you in jail and paying hug fines, but it also tarnishes your good name and criminal record. If you’re charged with DUI, don’t panic. Take the four steps below to ensure the best outcome in the case.

1- Write Down the Details

You may think that you will remember later on and while you might, there is a chance that you will forget. This isn’t a time to hope for the best when all worries subside when you write down the details of the incident at hand, including date and time of the stop, what you do beforehand, etc.

2- Don’t Post About the Accident

One of the biggest things that a person can do to harm their case is post about it on social media. You should avoid discussing the incident on social media because it could weaken your case or crate evidence for the other side. Don’t take this type of risk.

3- Talk to a Lawyer

Criminal Lawyers in Baltimore

It is important to schedule a free consultation with an attorney to learn more about your case. Criminal Lawyers in Baltimore have the skills and expertise to help you with this charge, reducing the odds of a conviction and lessening the consequences if you’re found guilty.

4- Remain Calms

It is not always easy to stay calm after an automobile accident, but it is important that you do so. If you panic and become frustrated, it only makes matters worse at the end of the day.