Help Clients By Hiring Per Diem Attorneys

Posted by admin on December 6, 2018 in temporary lawyer

There is no shame in admitting that your law firm is over stretched during certain times of the year. Many firms face this issue, where they have many clients requiring representation in court at the same time.

Put the Clients First

Far too many firms take a stubborn approach in such instances. Rather than seeking assistance, they will attempt to get by with the staff at their disposal. It is a misguided decision, as it can actively harm the cases of clients when lawyers are stretched too thin.

Hiring Temporary Attorneys

There is a convenient solution available to firms that are facing such a situation. Instead of pushing clients away or hiring another permanent lawyer, firms can hire a temporary lawyer for a few days or weeks.

These per diem attorneys work per day, which means there are no long term obligations when utilizing their services. And they have a quick turnaround time. You could contact a per diem attorney on Monday and have them at your offices the next day.

temporary lawyer

Getting Qualified Assistance

The best part about working with per diem attorneys is that you can quickly add experience in relevant areas. Say you have a client who is facing a charge that is not one your attorneys are used to handling.

Instead of pushing that client to another firm, you could hire a per diem lawyer who specializes in that area of the law. They would provide the expertise, while your full time lawyers would work on the case with them.

By leveraging per diem attorneys, smaller firms are able to maintain their client base, avoid hiring more permanent lawyers, and get the assistance they need during busier times of the year.

While it is not a perfect solution, it is one that can help firms in a pinch. Hiring a per diem attorney a few times a year is a lot cheaper than hiring a full time associate.